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Mp3 Song Lyrics


By  Jigar Saraiya   •  Last updated on - 25 Apr 2017
[Intro: Background Music]

[Verse 1: Sanah Moidutty]
Dhani si dhani si,
Sharbati pani si,
Dheere dheere se,
Teri chahat chadhti hai..

Thodi nadani si,
Thodi shaitani si,
Dheeme dheeme se,
Teri aadat badhti hai...

[Bridge: Jigar Saraiya]
Tu hai toh mere rubaroo,
Par kya karun,
Yakeen hi nahi aata..

Shaam se sawa karun,
Dekha karun,
Raha bhi nahi jaata...

[Chorus: Sanah Moidutty & Jigar Saraiya]
Afeemi, afeemi,
Afeemi hai pyaar,
Afeemi hai tera mera pyaar..
Afeemi, afeemi,
Afeemi hai pyaar,
Afeemi hai tera mera pyaar..

[Post-Chorus: Both]
Naa aaye rey karaar
Afeemi hai tera mera pyaar..

[Musical Break]

[Verse 2: Sanah Moidutty]
Thodi pighalti hoon,
Thodi phisalti hoon,
Gash khaake teri hi,
Bahon mein girti hoon..

Thodi sarakti,
Thodi khisakti hai
Niyat bigadke ye,
Tujhse hi sambhli..

[Verse 3: Jigar Saraiya]
Tere mere faasle,
Bas aaj se,
Saanso hi saano mein,
Ghumne lage,

[Hook: Jigar Saraiya]
Tere mere raaste,
Ik aaj se,
O aankho hi aankho me,
Milne lage..

[Chorus: Both]
Afeemi, afeemi,
Afeemi hai pyaar,
Afeemi hai tera mera pyaar..

[Post-Chorus: Sanah Moidutty]
Khumari, khumari
Na aaye re karaar
Afeemi hai tera mera pyaar..

[Musical Break]

[Outro: Background Music]
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When we thought the music team of Meri Pyaari Bindu finally released the full musical album with this new track they just proved us wrong (well nowhere they wrote full album out.. we just assumed). Yes, you read it right the sixth track from the album is finally released.

The song named Afeemi and it is a beautiful duet track voiced & recorded by Indian pop singer Sanah Moidutty in collaboration with singer-composer Jigar Saraiya. Usually Jigar's voice is too quite much auto-tuned but this time they did it less; due to which not only he is sounding different but way more better than his previous songs (our personal opinion).

The music for the song Afeemi is composed by the duo Sachin-Jigar, while the lyrics for the song been written by Kausar Munir. The full video of the song Afeemi was released exclusively on Youtube on 25th April, followed up by the complete audio track on all the various digital media & platforms via the label of YRF Music.

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Translated By : Vijay, robin
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